Holistic BodyWork

Process & development work through the body

Holistic BodyWork is like a coaching – only that it happens through the body

A combination of massage, touch, holding, breath work, movement, feeling and releasing emotions, bioenergetic and other elements.

Each session is an individual process, guided by that which shows up in your body.

You meet what arises – in your body. You allow yourself to be touched and moved. You allow yourself to feel. You are allowed to release and let go. The flow of energy in your body is brought back into motion.

Holistic BodyWork | 1,5 – 2 hours
€ 160,00 incl. VAT

3x Holistic Bodywork Package Offer | 1,5 - 2 hours
€ 435,00 incl. VAT

Möwen fliegen über eine Küste

„The body is the barometer of your soul” (Brandon Bays)

Early on in my development, I realised that it is not only enriching but necessary to include the body. Our body carries us through this life and through its sense, we experience the world. We store emotions and trauma in our body – and we pass on life through our body. The body gives us honest feedback about where we really stand and what is truly moving us.

A distinctive and incredible milestone during my own training was the moment, in which I experienced and realised that my body knows exactly what I need in order to move forward.

And it is with pleasure that I pass on this experience to my clients.

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