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A combination of traditional and Neo-Tantra

Tantra is a spiritual path of development which includes the greatest power and energy innate to us – our life force, also called sexuality. What is more, Tantra teaches us how we can use this power healthily and consciously. 

Tantra is the path of Eros – an expansion of the self in order to be more alive, conscious, sensitive, joyful, orgasmic and free.

Steine stehen aufeinander

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I do not offer Tantra one-on-one sessions.

My tantric way

I first got in contact with Tantra at the age of 21 when I was a student of the London Tara Yoga School. Ever since then, Tantra has been part of my life. Firmly rooted in the traditional Tantra teachings, I further undertook trainings in Neo-Tantra with Petr Malek and John Hawken.

Simply put, one teaching of Tantra is that we are a combination of body and spirit – i.e. of the tangible and the intangible. In different words: we are an embodiment of the Earth and Sky energy – or the masculine and feminine principles.

For many this poses a tension or even a dilemma with which we have to cope as long as we live. Tantra shows us how we can benefit from arc of suspense and use it as catalyst for or development.

As Tantra is uniting both of these energies or principals, creating a beautiful symbiosis with them.

Through Tantra, we can learn how to use our power consciously, steer it and use it healthily for us and our environment.

Das heißt, ich sehe und gehe den Tantrischen Weg als Entwicklungsweg – und bin daher kein Anbieter von „Kuscheltantra“ mit dem Fokus auf dem rein Sexuellen. Bei mir geht es immer um das Erleben, Neuerleben, Entdecken und Entwickeln.

I offer a combination of traditional and Neo-Tantra.

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