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Experience holistic development.

Feel alive in all areas of your life.

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more freedom, more self-reliance, more trust, more gentleness, more clarity, more vulnerability, more power, more openness, more self-expression, more depth, more light-heartedness, a more alive sexuality, deeper connections, more fulfilled relationships, …

… for being more human in all of its facettes.

My passion is to support you and unfolding your full potential –
so you can live your personal version of happiness

In my coaching, courses and workshops, I accompany determined and courageous individuals to, fully and honestly, embrace their personal challenges and questions – and master them. 

With a lot of experience and empathy I am at your side, mindfully, lovingly – yet assertively, so that you can take the step over the ever-so-challenging threshold or successfully find your way through even the tightest knot.

My approach is integrative and holistic.

My clients benefit from many years of experience, a unique combination of a variety of methods and techniques combined with great empathy and intuition – and the ability to be present to what arises in the moment.

Lovingly and in a safe space, I guide my clients to those areas in which the flow of love, the flow of movement, opportunities or energy is blocked or interrupted. Together, we will find out how we can bring what is stuck into motion again.

I work in alignment with what gives you power

Michaela während einem Coaching

What counts is your experience

My coaching is not a theoretic lecture nor the application of concepts to your situation, but instead is based on interaction and your direct experience. As a coach and mentor, I view myself as guide along the path who supports the moment of your development and thereby enables lasting change and growth.

In allen meinen Angeboten biete ich dir einen geschützten Raum, um achtsam in deine Themen einzutauchen und zu schauen, was dich zurückhält. 

Du kannst Zusammenhänge erkennen, diese liebevoll annehmen, um dann Schritte nach vorne zu gehen. 

Das Aufdecken, Erkennen, Sammeln und Integrieren von Erfahrungen in diesen Sitzungen und Workshops führt dich zu neuen Perspektiven.

Integrative coaching and holistic bodywork – individually designed to the needs of my clients. Live your personal version of happiness.

How it all started

Mein persönlicher Weg als Coach und Begleiter begann vor über 20 Jahren. Er hat schon immer alle Bereiche miteingeschlossen – Körper, Geist, Seele, Verstand, Karriere, Business, Spiritualität und Sexualität. Angetrieben von meiner frühen Leidenschaft, andere Kulturen und Sprachen kennenzulernen, hatte ich das große Glück, vielen verschiedenen Lehrern auf internationaler Ebene zu begegnen, von ihnen berührt zu werden und auch mit ihnen zu arbeiten.

A few of my milestones:

Portrait von Michaela Richter

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