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Deep Roots – Wide Wings: Patterns of Prosperity

Patterns of Prosperity


20. Januar 2024 10:00
20. Januar 2024 18.00
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Blízko sebe, K dolům 1973/38, 143 00 Praha 12-Modřany, Czechia





Aligning yourself with love and abundance

A Day of Family Constellations

An opportunity to understand the dynamics of prosperity and love playing out in your life – and to change them.

“Only when the connection to the family is acknowledged, the responsibilities have become clear and have been clearly distributed, does the individual feel relieved. He or she can then go their own way without being burdened by the past or spellbound by it.” – Bert Hellinger

🧭 Unstuck yourself.

🧭 Change your dynamics and align yourself with love and abundance.  

🧭 Move forward with power and purpose.  

When we are not standing in our rightful place, life can be more effortful than it needs to be. However, once we found our true place, we can connect deeply to our roots which allows us to move forward with Power and Purpose towards love, success, health and happiness.

👉 Join me for a transformative full day where we experience the powerful impact of Family Constellations.

On this day, you are invited to explore the unseen forces that shape our experience of love and abundance in our lives. You will have space to understand the dynamics present in your life and to change them. In a safe and held environment, with mindfulness and empathy, you have the opportunity to gain new understanding, lovingly embrace the new insights and then move forward towards your personal happiness and success.  

Feel free to bring your open issues or let yourself be surprised by what emerges. We will address whatever lies ahead on your path.

I invite you to a full day of deep connection – to yourself, to others and to the topic of love and abundance.

🌟 What to Expect

  • A safe, supportive space for personal exploration.
  • Led by an experienced facilitator.
  • One-on-one and group interactions, so that everyone can take steps.
  • Participatory group constellations to engage with and experience collective healing.
  • Opportunities for individual reflection to uncover personal insights.
  • Light refreshments and a chance to connect with a community of like-minded individuals.

🌱 Perfect For Anyone Interested In:

  • Exploring the patterns of prosperity are active beneath the surface.
  • Unearthing those topics that seem to be set on ‘repeat’.
  • Understanding what message life is trying to show you right now.
  • Experiencing where the movement of love is leading you.
  • Transforming some family dynamics for more abundance, love and happiness.
  • Resolving struggles with finding your own voice, with finding clear direction in your life, with finding the courage to assert yourself and your wishes.
  • Wishing to address longstanding intergenerational traumas, inherited beliefs about who you should be, or the anxiety that you will repeat their parents’ or ancestors’ relationship mistakes. 

🌟 Why Attend?

🧭 Strengthen the foundation of your personal success and happiness.

🧭 Align yourself with love and abundance.  

🧭 Focus your energy by stepping into alignment with your heart’s desires.

🧭 Discover patterns that may be blocking your path to success and fulfilment.

🧭 Move forward with power and purpose.  

🧭 Break free from the cycle of generational trauma to experience moving forward with inner freedom, space, and confidence. 

🧭 Understand the underlying family dynamics that impact your life choices.

🧭 Connect with others who are on a similar journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

As we journey together through the day, be prepared to uncover the strength of your ancestors and the potential for personal renewal. Your story is waiting to unfold.

Embark on your path of deep connection – to yourself, to others and to your happiness, love and success.


The event is taking place in English.

Please transfer the fee via: paypal.me/MSturmCoaching

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I am looking forward to meeting you and going deep!


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